Your Body Not Everybody

A personalised and human approach to health
At The Know Project we celebrate bio-individuality. We know that everyone is different due to their unique genetic make-up, ancestry, microbiomes and experiences. We offer a root- cause-focused, human approach to healthcare that takes your whole body into account as a working ecosystem. You will never be defined by your condition here, you will never be seen as incomplete, you will never be just a number.

Addressing imbalances with a nutrient dense, whole food diet and providing lifestyle advice that harnesses your individual body’s innate intelligence to restore and maintain health. Using a combination of in depth lifestyle and nutritional assessments as well as functional evaluation tools. Our client centric approach goes way beyond the 30 min consultation, providing ongoing encouragement and wing-man-like-support throughout the duration of therapy.

Green Salad

That good health is based on optimization of the following foundations

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Book a consultation with a health detective for tailor made solutions to help you reach your health goals. Big steps or baby steps, we meet you where you are and go at your pace. Providing a thorough analysis of your current health status, menu options and planning, what to buy, where to find it and how to make it work for your budget. Discover the secrets to living your best life.


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