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Updated: Aug 11, 2018

Saturday is normally patty-day in our house, where most of the afternoon is dedicated to

batch baking ahead of the working week.

Pre-my autoimmune condition, you wouldn’t have caught me dead in the kitchen and if I was

it would likely be to throw some vodka jellies in the freezer before heading out on the town.

Eating proper meals has been a learning curve for me, let alone cooking. However, having

re-booted my life to one that is slightly less focused on self-destruction, I actually now find all

this cooking malarkey really therapeutic.

What?! Burgers for breakfast?

So the patty has actually become my go to breakfast staple. There’s many a benefit to

starting the day the protein-and-good-fat-way not least to your energy and brain power.

Balancing your blood sugar with protein and fat early in the morning is critical for hormonal

regulation and output throughout the day as well as for adrenal function. I tend to cook a

couple of different varieties on the weekend and always have a couple of boxes on the go in

the fridge so I don’t avoid breakfast or get tempted into carb land. These also travel really

well and are great to take on flights (until the old in-flight meals manage to be gluten, dairy

and grain free!) Having this protein with some avocado, kale or coconut yoghurt when I get

up gives me Zoolander-like-focus and keeps me full until lunch.

The patties at the front of this pic are my adaptation on the Persian lamb kofta - something

that I’ve loved here in the Middle East but can’t now have due to the quality of the meat and

inclusion of gluten and grains in many of the recipes.


To make these babies u need:

  • 500g organic grass-fed lamb mince

  • 2x cups of mint leaves

  • 2x cloves garlic

  • 2x table spoons of fennel seeds

  • ½ red onion

  • 1x teaspoon of sea salt

  • 2x tablespoons of turmeric + same of cinnamon


Place mint leaves, garlic, salt, onion & fennel seeds in nutri bullet or blender and blend until you have a rough mixture.

Place blended ingredients in bowl and mix with lamb mince.

Then add turmeric and cinnamon to mixing bowl, mix well with your hands and form

round patty shapes.

Heat frying pan or skillet and let patties seal for 4 mins each side then SLAM THE

LAMB in the oven to cook for 15 mins.

Stores perfectly well in fridge for 5 days or can be frozen

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