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Back to basics

Updated: Aug 11, 2018

‘Your cells are in a continual state of renewal. Your skin epidermis cells are replaced every 10 - 30 days. Your small intestine epithelium every 2 - 4 days. Your stomach every 2 to 9 days. Your body makes these new cells from the food you eat. You are what you eat’

Sally Fallon Morrel: Wise Traditions 2018.

Before I started re-learning about anatomy and physiology I didn’t have a clue about any of this stuff. But I think this knowledge is integral to understanding why food is so vital - how it works and what it does in the body. So allow me to take you on a little dive into anatomy and physiology for a second.

In every living organism there are levels of structural organization. In humans we have 6.

Similarly to how a word is made up of letters, a sentence of words, and a paragraph of

sentences, our bodies are made up of systems. These systems are made of organs, the

organs of tissues, the tissues of cells and the cells of chemicals. Nutrients contained in food impact the body at a chemical level – they are the letters to our words and a fundamental part of every single function in the body. Our gene expression, our hormones, our immune system, our gut flora, our brain chemistry, our muscle mass, our metabolism and more are all changed with every single bite of food. Ignoring how food affects your overall health might be as foolish as assuming that how the letters are constructed in a sentence won’t affect a paragraph. If you put the wrong letter in a word or a mis-matched word in a sentence the entire paragraph won’t flow or work. And that is exactly how it is with food. ‘Food is the code that programs your biology. You can literally upgrade or downgrade your biological software with every single bite.’ Dr. Mark Hyman.

Food is information that can beneficially modulate thousands of genes and enhance the

function of dozens of hormones and regulate tens of thousands of protein networks and can prevent, cure an even reverse most chronic disease. It works faster, better and is cheaper than any kind of drug.

If you keep reading these posts I will try and share the scientific information about what to eat and what to avoid. My hope is that it empowers you to make the best food choices to lose weight, reduce disease, positively impact the environment and feel better, while knowing you are serving the healthiest food for you and your loved ones.

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