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You are more than just the sum of your parts. Your body is an amazing interconnected ecosystem that works in co-ordination to keep you healthy. What you eat and what you think play a vital role in maintaining or disrupting this balance. 
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Unfortunately the knowledge about how to keep our bodies healthy and how to prevent or even reverse disease has been drowned out by the need for pharmaceutical and food companies to make money.  Buying into their rituals, consuming their (scientifically engineered to be addictive) products and believing their advertising dogma has cost us dearly terms of our health.  We've been hijacked into believing it is  normal to eat processed, toxic (non) food out of a packet, acceptable to live with constant pain, that our only option  is to be on medication to manage everything. 

An ancestrally appropriate diet and some lifestyle modifications can end your suffering forever. This is something we all have a right to know.  

 I wasn’t to personally experience the impact of food on my health until 2015 when I was diagnosed with Hashimotos, an autoimmune thyroid disease (fortunately very quickly) after experiencing some dramatic symptoms. Had I known how to listen to my body, I would have recognized the warning signs long before. I kept falling asleep, my memory was failing, I was constantly anxious, cold (in Dubai), achy, I gained weight, I was confused, depressed and very scared about what was happening to me.

I was relieved when I had the diagnosis as I thought at least I wasn’t going mad and that a doctor would give me a pill and it would be fine. I did get a pill to supplement the thyroid hormones my body wasn’t making but when I asked about the auto immune disease side of the problem, I was told there was no cure. My body was attacking my thyroid for reasons seemingly unknown to 4 expert endocrinologists and 3 GP’s and it would continue to do it until it had destroyed that gland and then maybe move onto another part of my body.


And I was supposed to be okay with that.


I left each consultation broken hearted but I wasn’t prepared to be told NO and to just give up on my body, there had to be another answer. The more research I did into lifestyle and food, I discovered that yo-yo diets, low fat and high sugar, excessive exercise, insufficient sleep, overuse of antibiotics and huge amounts of stress were the root cause of why my immune system turned on itself. In a world where we can apparently have it all, it’s easy to try and do too much and prioritise the wrong things. My body was suffering under the weight of the monster of a 14hr-working-day-competitive-masculine-lifestyle that I had created.


I set about reading every book, blog, and podcast I could find and discovered that there’s a whole world of science out there that isn’t taught at medical school and that we don’t know. That it’s possible to reverse and prevent a chronic or autoimmune disease and get your health back by using food as medicine.


I started by following an Autoimmune Paleo diet and in a matter of weeks I felt completely different. 4 years on, the brain fog is gone, I’m focused, alert, I feel like I have my energy and my mind back, my skin is better than ever, I’ve rebalanced my priorities, I’ve embraced vulnerability, I can exercise again and I’m happy.

The truth is, despite what the 'industry' says, if you get to know your body you’ll discover that given the right fuel and the right information, it IS totally possible reverse chronic illness and get your life back.

This site is dedicated to distilling all the info, tips, recipes and tricks I believe we all need to know to make that a reality for as many people as possible. 

with hope, always

Sarah Nash

Nutritional Therapy Practitioner | BSc Psychology + Health Science

AIP Certified Health Coach

nutritional therapy UAE
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